martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Caza del Tesoro: Saint Patrick’s Day


             Since we are close to March 17th, I think it’s a good time to explain what Saint Patick’s Day consists of. Many people watch on TV the celebration of St. Patrick's Day in Ireland and New York mainly, but they don’t know what are their origins, why people celebrate it or why they wear green. And you?  Do you know anything about this day?

Questions to be solved

-          Who was Saint Patrick and why he is recognized?

-          Why is the shamrock one of the most typical symbols of Ireland and what does it symbolize?

-          When was the day first celebrated and where do people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day nowadays?

-          Why do people wear green and what does it mean?

Big Question.

             Why is Saint Patrick’s Day so important to the Irish and the Americans?


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