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1.      Comprehension:
Understand the questions about routines.
Follow orders: Come in. Close the door, please. Sit down here. You can go. Tell __ and __ to come here.

2.      Routines
Hello, what’s your name? Hello. My name is...
Can you spell your name/surname? M-A-R...
Where are you from? I'm from (Spain). I'm (Spanish).
How old are you? I'm ... years-old.
How are you today? I'm (happy/nervous/sad...).
What day is it today? It's (Monday), the (tenth) of (November) 2016.
What’s the weather like today? It's (sunny...)
What are you wearing today? I'm wearing (a blue T-shirt, black trousers and red trainers).
What time is it? It's (ten past nine...).

3.      Vocabulary:
COUNTRY-NATIONALITY: Brazil-Brazilian/France-French/Italy-Italian/Japan-Japanese/Poland-Polish/Spain-Spanish/The UK-British.
DAILY ROUTINES::Arrive home, brush my teeth, catch the bus, have a shower, leave home, make my bed, take the dog for a walk, use the internet, wake up, watch TV.
WEATHER: It’s foggy, it’s raining, it’s snowing, it’s warm, it’s wet, the sun is shining.

4.      Grammar:
Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, sometimes, never. SHE ALWAYS MAKES HER BED.
Present continuous: am/is/are…-ing. THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY.
               Review of present simple.
               Example of questions: What does she/he do every day? She (always makes her bed).
                                                  How often do you (take the dog for a walk)? I (take the dog for a walk) (twice a day).

5.      Pronunciación: Especialmente en vocabulario y estructuras gramaticales.

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