lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017


1.   Comprehension:
Understand the questions and the orders (Come in. Close the door, please. Sit down here. You can go).

2.   Routines
How are you today? I am (happy, sad, nervous, etc.)
What day is it today? Today is (day of the week), the (ordinal number) of (month), (year)
What’s the weather like today? Today is (sunny, cloudy, etc.)
What is she/he wearing today?  She/he is wearing _______________.
What time is it? It’s ____________________.

3.   Presentation:
My name is ________. I am _______ years-old. I live in ____________. I live with my _______ (mother, father, grandmother, etc.). I have got (one brother, two sisters, etc.) I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. Their names are ___________.  (My sister) is _______years old.
I like (walking) and (watching films) with (my family). My (brother/sister/dad/etc.) likes (playing basketball).

4.   Vocabulary:
LANDSCAPE: Bridge, castle, field, mountain, path, river, valley, village, waterfall, wood.
VERBS: Find-found, have-had, write-wrote, go-went, see-saw, run-ran.
PROFESSIONS: computer programmer, student, teacher, cook, librarian, gardener, scientist, tour guide, security guard, secretary.
GADGETS: Headphones, screen, projector, video camera, speakers, lights, microphone, mobile phone, digital camera, laptop.

5.    Grammar:
Revision: Present simple/continuous. Comparatives and superlatives.
Past simple to be: Was/Were   There was/There were
Past simple or regular and irregular verbs.

6.   Pronunciation: Read the text.

My dad is a police officer. He studied at a police training college. He wears a blue uniform. He helps lots of people. I want to be a police officer too! I like helping people. Last week I helped at our school concert.  When I was 5 years-old I could help my father too.

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